Friday, November 30, 2012

Crest 3D White Strips

Your teeth are a part of your personality. If you have white teeth, you tend to be more confident and willing to smile in which people will warm up to you. If your teeth are yellowing due to use of teas, soda pops, or juices, you tend to shy away from smiling. Well thanks to Crest you can now have a radiant smile in just under 20 days. Thanks to the folks at Influenster, I received my very own package of the Crest 3D White Whitestrips with advanced seal no slip technology. Now if you're like me and worried about your tooth enamel being completely destroyed by whitening products FEAR NOT! These strips are enamel safe! They remove over 10 years of set-in stains, whiten 25X better than the leading whitening toothpaste, and have the advanced seal no-slip technology which will help them not slide all over your teeth! There are three wear times you can use. 5 minutes is a gentle routine that will help shield your teeth from stains. 30 minutes will give you vivid and professional effects. Finally a 2 hour use give you intensive professional effects. You can find all about it in the pamphlet that comes with your Crest Whitestrips. 30 minutes a day for 20 days to get whiter teeth? It's almost too easy! I guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the Crest 3D whitestrips!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty Box 5 October 2012

I feel like an awful person for not blogging since MAY! What the heck dude? Oh well. Hopefully I'll be better about this in the upcoming months. Anyway I have a monthly beauty subscription service review today. I've tested out the products since I recieved them in the mail and I love them. 

The first subscription box comes from Beauty Box 5. A beauty box located in Austin Texas. Their website states  "For a small monthly fee you’ll receive 4 – 5 samples of a variety of makeup, skin care, fragrances and everything in between! Best of all, these samples are delivered right to your door with beauty tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your samples (BB5 FAQ)." For $12 a month you too can have your own Beauty Box 5. Here are the products I received in my box this month. 

 I love the package color. It comes wrapped in a little white bag and added black confetti for extra glam.
This month's products neatly packaged waiting to be opened! 
 All of the products in this month's box. 
 The first one is the Margania Argan Oil. I've never used Argan oil before so I was very excited to receive a sample of this. It's supposed to have anti-aging benefits as well as healing skin ailments. The product card that came in the box says "Use alone or mix with your moisturizer(BB5)."I applied it before my moisturizer last night and my skin was so silky soft and smooth. The Margania Argan Oil retails for $32.00
 Showing the packaging. It is an eye dropper. Anyone ever take medicine like this when they were young? That's what it reminded me of. Just remember a little goes a long long way! Especially with any oils. 
 The next product in my Beauty Box 5 this month is the Goat Haus Dairy lip balm. According to their website they are a family owned business. All of their products are made from goat milk for most skin needs. This lip balm is really nice feeling on my lips. It contains seven total ingredients including apricot kernel oil, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, flavor, and glitter. It has a very sweet sugar cookie scent to it and makes my lips feel extreamly hydrated! I will look into purchasing more of these! They retail for $2.50 so a perfect little gift for friends, family, or even the ladies at the office. 
 Another product that came in this month's box is the City Lips Lip Plumper. I was a little hesitated at first about trying this because I have heard horror stories about how much lip plumpers sting when you apply them on. This one however doesn't sting terribly. It does tingle but that's all. I noticed my lips looked more fuller even after just a thin coat of this lip plumper. These lip plumpers are a little on the pricy side but they DO in fact work. This particular one retails for $32.00
 A swatch of the City Lips Lip Plumper. It is a little sticky but nothing too bad that I can't wear. No glitter in it either which is a plus for me! I'm not too fond of glitter in my lip products! 
 The next product is the Furlesse Elevens frown line reducing patches. Now I am only 20 so I do not have lines for frown lines of any sort so I will probably give these to my mother. However I did use one last night and after putting it on I felt like an idiot for using it because I do not have lines. However it was featured in Marie Claire one month so it HAS to be good! 
 Another product that came in my box is the ShowStoppers Fashion Tape. I have not tried these out just yet but I can guess that I will find these very useful in the summertime when I wear tank tops. Fashion tape is supposed to firmly help clothes, or buttons stay put on your body or clothing. Whoever made these is probably getting so rich off a simple idea! These particular strips retail for $9.99
 I've heard tons of things about Lash Card mascara sheilds. Again it's one of those things where you wish you would have invented it and be rich! Such a simple idea! 
 As you can see there is a small curve and a large curve so you can do either your bottom lashes or top lashes. 
 As you can see I've already used it! It's awesome and easy to use! They retail for $6.99 for a 10 pack. 
 This just blew my mind! A $100 gift certificate for NuMe!! I just simply enter a code and I get $100 off my NuMe order! I do believe I see a curling wand in my near future! I've heard great things about NuMe styling tools but they are CRAZY expensive. Now I will be able to get one! 
Obviously I blurred out the ID so nobody but me can use it! 
So the verdict on Beauty Box 5 is indifferent. I may give it another month but after that I may cancel. Though they are a great company it's just personally not my cup of tea. Hope you all enjoyed this review if you're intreasted in Beauty Box 5 click here to order one! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have two BB creams that I would like to review as my first blog post. One was purchased at Pretty and and the second was purchased at Both websites are based in the US and offer a very wide range of the finest Asian cosmetics. I would recommend both of them first! 

The first one is called Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream. According to "it creates clear and natural skin tone by being effectively absorbed into the skin."  The nice thing about this BB cream is that it's sanitary with its PUMP nozzle where you pump the product out. The downside is that this BB cream has NO SPF in it so you're going to have to slap some sunscreen on before. It can also have a grey undertone but most BB creams do. The coverage of this BB cream is medium. 
Lioele BB cream packaging!
Pink packaging

One pump of BB cream can cover the entire face.

One pump is more than enough for your entire face.

Blends nicely onto the skin. With BB cream you have to blend it to the color of your skin.
The amount of product I had might have felt heavy in the hot summer sun. 

The next BB Cream is the Skin 79 Dream Girls BB Cream. This is my second BB Cream that I own and has light coverage. It is meant to be for younger girls with little to no imperfections. I love to use this BB Cream in the hot Florida summer sun because it is light and does not feel heavy. The only downside with this BB Cream could potentially be the squeeze tube for some people. This BB cream tends to have a grey undertone but most BB creams do. 
The Dream Girls BB Cream comes in a squeeze tube.
Packing for the Skin 79 BB cream. 

Skin 79 Dream Girls BB Cream 

Skin 79 Dream Girls BB Cream 
Skin 79 BB Cream swatch 

Another swatch of the Skin 79 BB Cream

It has a very nice texture and thick consistency. Like most BB Creams, a little goes a long way! 

Backside of the Lioele BB cream

Backside of Skin 79 BB cream.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Both BB creams are great and I would consider repurchasing them when I run out of them. I usually use the Lioele BB cream when my face needs more coverage but the Skin 79 BB cream works great for younger people who may not even have sun spots or dark marks. 

Greetings and new beginnings

So as I sit on my living room floor I am compelled to type up a blog post. I feel like it would be nice to get all of my thoughts and ideas out on a blog instead of them always buzzing around in my head like an angry bunch of bees. I've always dreamed of maybe some day being a YouTube beauty guru like Michelle Phan or even a famous blogger like Xiaxue, but I always thought I wasn't good enough or educated enough to do so. Well after getting a good mark on a huge research project this semester I was inspired to start a blog. I'm a 19 year old college student studying Criminal Justice at our local community college. Makeup and cosmetics is my porn as my dad likes to say. When I was younger I never really liked makeup, and never applied it. I guess once I hit 16 and started becoming more "girly" I became obsessed with the art behind it and how you can completely transform yourself like Promise Phan does in her weekly YouTube videos. I will be reviewing products,talking about Disney,trends, and maybe even talking about other issues. I just want to document my life in a way that I can look back on in years and laugh how much i've changed. 

Me with Minnie and Mickey at Walt Disney World
Graduating from high school